Some days you will not be able to compete with me. Sorry but thats just fact, because I can multi-task with the best of them and have some sort of semblance of looking like I have control of my spiralling life and produce dinner and homework like I know what I am doing.

Some days It’ll be easy to rush past me because I simply do not give two fooks if I am early for work because I have woken up with horrendous hip pain or I’m having a HRT fat day and therefore I WILL HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR or my shoes don’t  match my outfit or some other hormone unbalanced charade.

Some days I am super supportive to your needs; giving an unbiased shoulder to your woes in regards to your life changing event.

Some days, You will be a dickhead. And its all your fault. Don’t ask why alright, just deal with it that some days you are a dickhead. Come back tomorrow. Maybe that will be your day then.

Some days I coo over baby news and physically ache to be burdened with child.

Some days, I am utterly relieved that I do not have a newborn but pout at my spaniels eared boobs brought on by the incessant nursing of my miracle baby.

Some days I can look in the mirror a good 10 seconds and not be entirely disgusted with how I look. Especially my lashes because they are always amazing and I can’t stop looking at them.

Some days, even the biggest jumper and leggings will not hide away the horror I feel when I remember all the treatment my body had to go through.

I am 3 years post Cervical Cancer treatment and some days I can go the whole day where I don’t think about it. Some days I think nothing but.

Some days I can be the biggest advocate for screening and I will hold your hand through chemotherapy and tell you it is OK.

Some days I can barely utter the words that I had Cervical cancer.

Some day I’ll write a book all about it.

Some day I’ll let you read a book all about it.

Some day it won’t consume my life anymore.

Some day soon I hope.

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