Would I call myself a social media addict? I think addict is a bit strong but I do spend a lot of time on there. It’s the last thing I look at before I go to sleep and the first thing I look at in the morning, I check my Instagram throughout the day and occasionally post to Facebook. I look at my phone when I should be looking at my children.

The thing I love about IG is that it’s so inspirational and a great place to hunt down handmade products from small businesses. I’ve bought baby blankets, knitted garms, presents for my eldest daughters friends, Christmas bits. It’s a marvellous way to support small businesses. It’s also given me ideas for around the home, dinner inspiration, holiday inspiration, life inspiration! I’ve made a really wonderful bunch of friends on social media and a handful that I can call close friends who have my back (even if I’ve never actually met them before!). It’s been my saviour during the 2am feeds and it’s helped me through the tough times (much cheaper than therapy).

But there is a dark side to it, too. People flaunting what appears to be their perfect lives (and rightly so) can leave you feeling inadequate. There’s bitchiness that can leave you feeling as though you’re back at school. So much to look at that sometimes it can be a visual nightmare.

I’ve declared a social media break for the summer holidays. I don’t want my daughters to always see me looking at my phone so it’s time I put it down and a break from IG and Facebook is what I need at the moment. I’ve been feeling pretty frazzled and for ages I couldn’t put my finger on why but then I saw a picture of perfection on Instagram, cursed it and threw my phone wishing secretly that it would smash so I’d be without it. My phone is the problem. Constant streams of information and pictures as soon as I pick it up and do you know what? We don’t need that all the time.

Maybe we should stop looking at our phones and start looking at what’s infront of us. For the summer holidays, at least (ok maybe I am just a little bit addicted).

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