Unless you have been living under a rock these past 7 months, it’s fair to say 2016 is really sucking balls.

Not only have we had some quite shocking deaths of people who, in my opinion, should have lasted forever, the world as we know it is a scary place right now.

If we aren’t waking up to another savage attack on humankind, its a rolling news story of uncertainty in the wake of Brexit.

And, whilst I could probably talk the hind legs off a donkey on the woes of being out of the EU, my point today is that I am suffering from what I deem is deep Digital Fear.

That fear which comes from a BBC news notification buzzing through when you’re amongst a mire of spreadsheets/washing/Instagram scrolling. That tummy flip when you get a Sky News alert telling you that a death toll is rising. That pang of uncertainty at the notice that yet another cabinet minister is quitting/shuffling/becoming Foreign Secretary.

Since the 24th June, I have particularly loathed my phone notifications. I woke up that morning after not sleeping too much, to unravel what our lives are to become and as I sat there in disbelief I found that every time my phone went off, a little bit more dread seeped in.

I found myself taking screenshots of breaking new bulletins and posting them on social media in order to find people as fearful as me. It was a talking point, a place to feel like I wasn’t going mad by digital media taking over our lives and infiltrating my mood.

Whilst the original gut wrenching result and subsequent farce of the following days has died down, news further afield of innocent lives being taken by gunshots, cowardice and malice is something that makes the digital fear ever present.

If I think back to my childhood, I vividly remember the nail bombs in Central London and the constant threat that a program on TV could be interrupted by Trevor McDonald. It’s that same fear in today’s digital standards, except now, once that notification has gone and the event in hand has been played out on continuous loop on rolling news, I think we subject ourselves to something much worse. We become desensitised.

With our civilisation hell bent on destroying this wonderful world combined with our thirst for wanting to know more at a glimpse of a notification, my digital fear isn’t showing signs of waning.

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