So once again women are being told what to wear. Prime Minister Theresa May has been encouraged to stop wearing her leopard-print kitten heels to help promote women’s rights.

Yes, you did read that right.

On Tuesday the TUC conference in Brighton passed a motion that called for the law to be changed “to enable people to not be compelled to wear high heels at work”. Excellent. That is a good thing. No one should be forced to wear high heels at work. But then Penny Robinson, a GMB delegate, got it wrong.

Because she followed that by saying this: “Our new prime minister may be well known for her leopard-print kitten heels, her leather boots and her Jimmy Choos, but if she really wants to advance the cause for women in the workplace there are two things she can do,” she said. “The first is to make a point of wearing pumps, flats and comfortable shoes for Cabinet, for PMQs and for meeting all those EU leaders. Let the media see that you can be the most powerful woman in the country – maybe the second after Frances O’Grady (TUC general secretary) – without needing to wear designer shoes to meet men’s expectations. For once, set an example we can actually be proud of.”

Now firstly, I don’t see why the chuff we’re always talking about our current Prime Minster’s shoes because according to Google it’s been bloody frequent. Why are we always talking about her shoes, when the only results on Google about David Cameron’s shoes when he was in office was when he wore old shoes to meet Barack Obama in 2010 and he took his shoes off to go in a mosque in 2013. Six years as PM, two shoe stories. That’s it. Secondly, of course women shouldn’t be forced to wear heels to work (or anywhere actually), but no one not me, not you, and not Theresa May, should be forced to wear flats either.

Maybe we should all agree that you can be the most powerful woman (in fact, I’d argue that Theresa May isn’t just the most powerful woman in the country, but the most powerful person) without anyone questioning what you wear on your feet. Slippers, ski boots, kitten heels or UGGs – it’s not going to make her do her job any differently is it?

Finally, I can’t help but shake my head in disappointment at a woman telling another woman what to wear in a debate about how wrong it is to, erm, tell women what to wear. So I would like to say this to our PM. Wear what the chuff you want Theresa, as long as your bum crack isn’t hanging out. Nobody likes a bum crack.

Picture Credit: DUNE ANDRES LEATHER STILETTO HEEL COURT SHOES, LEOPARD PRINT – John Lewis.Dune Andres Leather Stiletto Heel Court Shoes, Leopard Print

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