I’m feeling nervous. Today America votes for their new president and I’m walking around with a my stomach clenched with unease. It’s similar to the feeling I had on the day of the EU referendum; a feeling in my gut that things were about to change forever. The feeling that while the outcome should be obvious, we could very well get a nasty surprise in the morning. Which we did on June 24 2016.

Of course, tomorrow, things could change forever in a good way. Hillary could (and I hope will) be the first female president of the United States of America, which would not only make history, but also restore my faith in humanity a little bit – or quite a lot if she wins by a substantial margin.

I appreciate that may sound a little dramatic, but perhaps it’s time to cut through the crap and face the cold hard truth. As far as I can see, this election boils down not to policies, campaign strategies or anything else. It boils down to woman v man. Oh don’t look at me like that, you know as well as I do that it’s the truth. That if we stripped the candidates down, put them behind a screen and read out a few facts it would probably read a little like this.

Candidate One: Business mogul, suspected rapist (case withdrawn due to victim receiving death threats), racist, sexist, bully, whose debating style is to shout down and demean his opponent.

Candidate Two: Eight years as a New York senator (who’d only just taken office when 9/11 happened), Secretary of State for four years. Articulate. Used a personal email server carelessly, but not criminally. Other half had several – highly publicised – sexual misdemeanours.

Looking at it from a character reference point of view, it’s pretty obvious who the strongest, most suitable candidate is really, isn’t it? However, the screen is pulled back and that’s when it all goes wrong. Because candidate two happens to be a woman. So, even though it can also now be revealed that along with her own political experience, she can add the fact that she was First Lady for eight years, her gender goes against her.

All of a sudden, I sit, feeling baffled as her husband’s misdemeanours are discussed as if they are actually down to her, yet candidate one, a man, doesn’t even have to account for his own.

This is where I would insert a photo of my totally flummoxed face, if I wasn’t sitting here at my desk, feeling scared.

Because, as I sit here, with baited breath, I really am properly scared. So scared that I can’t even be flippant about the potential that Donald Trump could ‘rule the world’, because, he could actually real life rule America. All too quickly, things have become a lot more serious than a slightly uncomfortable joke fuelled by conspiracy theories that could have been predicted during an episode of Black Mirror. But it’s not just the fear of it happening that’s causing the sickening feeling in my stomach. It’s the fact that if Trump does win…if Americans CHOOSE to make him their leader, then it means that country is filled with people who would still rather pick a man over a woman – no matter who is better qualified to do the job.

So come on America, do the right thing. And while you’re doing it, I’m going to sit right here and enjoy watching history happen. #ImWithHer

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