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Christmas is the time to breathe your people in and love.

This time of year is a time of staying in and hunkering down. Trust me, I’ve been watching our new friend Caramel the hamster spend hours building her little nest, (and making […]


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Country Living

My five year old just asked me what I was doing so I told her I was writing. “What about Mummy?” The countryside and how it feels to live here. “It feels […]


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I like my husband… There, I said it!

Last week I was lucky enough to spend a relaxing and much needed evening with a very fabulous lady. As the drinks flowed and we settled into our chairs, the conversation naturally […]


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Brotherly Love

Last week, I’m sure I was not alone in having tears in my eyes and a massive lump in my throat while watching the fabulous Brownlee brothers cross the line in the […]