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Feeling scared – and loving it!

The other night, I watched an episode of Stranger Things so scary that halfway through I put up the hood on my tatty old hoodie, pulled the zip up to my chin […]


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This poppy protest is an empty gesture

In case you’ve missed it, there is a hoo-hah about football players wearing poppies when England meet Scotland in a World Cup qualifier next Friday – which also happens to be Armistice […]


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Let’s all be more bloody difficult!

Theresa May, we’re now aware, is a “bloody difficult woman”. Or so Ken Clarke says anyway. He was caught on camera discussing the Tory party leadership candidates with his old chum Sir […]


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Book Review – Mount! by Jilly Cooper

I always think editors are the unsung heroes of the book world. Their contribution to the best novels is invisible, quietly moulding the story into its best shape. In fact, it’s only […]


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The horrible reality of grammar schools

There is a rosy view of grammar schools that looks something like this… Children who are clever, bookish, and dedicated but might not have a lot of money (those who the Victorians […]