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Be kind to each other – now more than ever.

The morning after last year’s general election, I sat on the sofa with my son and cuddled him close. For the first time since he was born in 2007 I felt genuine […]


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How Everyday Sexism is affecting our kids

“Once you start noticing this shit, you can’t stop,” my husband said once while I was in the middle of one of my regular rants about sexism. He’s right, you know. Once […]


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Corrie deserves better

I am a stone-cold soap hack, with a heart of ice, and even I welled up as Kylie took her last breaths on the cobbles last night. Poor Mrs Platt had been […]


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Working parent woes

Sometimes I’m relieved to hand the kids over to the childminder at the start of the day and get on the train with just my book for company. But other times it’s […]


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Lessons I’ve learned from the Olympics

First, a disclaimer. Despite being rubbish at every sport I’ve ever tried, I love the Olympics. Once every four years, I become an expert in everything from modern pentathlon to kayaking, taking […]


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Ten books I’m taking on holiday

My holiday reading list is very different from Aimee’s, not least in how I gather it together. During the year I commute – so I can’t carry heavy books – and I […]