Finally the sun is out, and scorching through our frankly freezing July. Ok, not TECHNICALLY freezing, but resorting to socks and putting the heating on in July is just no acceptable OK?

As I write this I am alternating working-my-ass-off-for-an-hour-while-sat-outside-on-the-desking-in-my-bikini with collapsing-in-deck-chair-and-baking-with-my-book-for-an-our-as-a-reward and I have a feeling probably every other work-from-home person is doing the same.

You see, because the weather in the UK – in particular the summer months – is so unpredictable, as soon as the sun comes out, us brits are more predictable than my response to being offered a gin.

Here are 9 ways we always react when the sun finally decides to show it’s face.

  1. All over the country, as soon as the temperature hits 18 degrees men are walking down the street with their shirts off. Whatever time of day it is, man is proud of his torso and wants the sun to worship it.
  1. The country breathes a sigh of happiness as we hang our laundry out, and gave lovingly at it flapping gently in the hot breeze…before a gasp of concern that we’ve all actually turned into our mothers.
  1. There is nothing like a sun drenched beer garden, the chatter of slightly hot drunk people and chink of pimms, gin, wine and beer. For those of us with kids, it’s usually at home…but that’s ok because whilst the atmosphere might not be quite as relaxing, at least we can dip our feet in the paddling pool.
  1. I’ve never known a sign of being more British than being sunburnt. I’m not just talking about a slightly glowing red nose. I’m talking lobster shoulders and peeling backs. Even I, who I pride in ‘not being somebody who burns’, ended up with a rather rosy looking neck on Sunday…and making it slightly more embarrassing, I had spent most of my day slathering squirming small people with Factor 50.
  1. Even though we all go through the above, the country is split when it comes to the heat. In results I’ve not seen as close since 24th June, 50% of us practically weep with joy and excitement and ban anybody from doing any sort of singing in fear of bringing on the rain, whereas the other 50% complain as they make their way into the shade, making sure they hate every last second of it. Weirdos.
  1. If there’s one thing we’re good at in the summer it’s panic buying. Paddling pools, BBQ food, deck chairs, Pimms. All things we know we need for a sunny day, all things that IF the weather is correct we will use…but so not to waste money we wait until THE DAY and as soon as the sun is shining we’re elbowing our way into the shops and stocking up!
  1. Possibly the worst thing I can think of in the sun is a mass exodus to the beach. The hot and sticky car journey (that takes twice the time it normally does), sitting beside lobster sweating bodies, with sand in our sarnies not to mention our pants.
  1. Right now, at 2.27pm I can smell five different BBQs. I LOVE THE SMELL OF BBQs. It is THE LAW to cook a sausage or two the minute the sun comes out.
  1. And finally after a week standing in hot stuffy trains, going into freezing cold air-conditioned offices (if we’re lucky) or even stuffier work places if we’re not, we break free. It’s Friday night and we’re heading for the beer garden, but that’s when we realize that in the UK it rains from Friday evening until Monday morning, before we start all over again.

Can you think of any more to add? If so grab me on social media or comment below.

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