I’m Kate and I can’t do one thing at a time.

Busy, busy, busy. If I’m out shopping, I’ll be planning the rest of the weeks activities. If I’m watching telly, I’ll be googling holiday destinations or how to clean a washing machine. If I’m sat waiting for my son to finish Taekwondo I’ll be scheduling a blog post. Waiting for the kids to finish dinner? I’ll answer some emails.

I don’t like to waste time or moments.

But I do wonder, am I making the most of my time, or am I trying to cram too much in?

I’m only really happy when I’m multitasking. To do one thing at a time feels alien to me, a waste, why stare mindlessly at the telly when I could be listening to it AND playing CandyCrush? Makes more sense no? Have a bath without Twitter/Facebook/Instagram? No thank you very much!

Somehow, I’ve forgotten how to do one thing at a time, almost as if being busy means I’m doing it right.

Really though, is anything going to go wrong if I don’t reply to that email straight away? Will I forget what blog post I had in mind if I save it for later (that is actually a possibility if I’m honest, shocking memory) could I just have a bath without all of my social media mates joining me? Figuratively of course, cos that would be beyond weird.

I sometimes worry that I’m missing out by not ‘being in the moment’ as they say. I heard once, that people spend more time taking photos of things than they do actually experiencing them, and that’s true. How often have we filmed something via snapchat and watched it through the screen rather than in real life? Or not hearing an important sentence because we’re so engrossed in a text conversation. What have I missed because I’m so focussed on being busy?

Being busy doesn’t equal being happy and successful, enjoying the here and now, what you’ve got around you is what makes you happy. Memories are made from real life events and moments, the washing machine can be cleaned another time, CandyCrush is never going to be completed (how many levels!?) and those things that make me so busy, they don’t matter. Not in the slightest.

So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to switch the macbook off and just enjoy being with my people.

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