Cold Feet was like catching up with old mates.

You know when you meet up with old friends, and you fall back into an easy way of talking? When you share jokes and reminiscences, and remember people you once knew. And it’s brilliant and sort of life-affirming and you go home promising you won’t leave it so long before you catch up again? Well, that’s how I feel about…

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Digital Mums helping us find #WorkThatWorks

This morning I woke up with a stinking cold, and a hyper nearly-six-year-old whispering in my ear asking me to check he’d wiped his bum properly. Normally I’d be miffed, and grumpy, I mean, who wants to be woken up like that? But instead of giving into the day, I snuggled back down with a lemsip and my book feeling…

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posh sausage roll recipe, homemade sausage rolls, easy sausage rolls

Posh sausage rolls

Posh sausage rolls you’re just going to love! Not only do they taste just amazing, but they use cheats so they’re quick and easy to make. And why are they posh? Well… the sausages are proper sausages, no rubbish and they sit on a layer of onion chutney and cheddar cheese. They’re rustic, scream autumn and you’ll make them again and…

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Mental Health Mates

Autumn has well and truly arrived round these parts and we’ve had to put the heating on, none of this Indian Summer some of you have been banging on about. And while autumn is my favourite season it soon leads to winter which is known as the ‘black cloud days’ in my house. Yes, the nights are darker but so are the…

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Wonder Women – Kerry Barrett

Since launching The Take we’ve been a little bit overwhelmed with the amount of amazing women who have got in touch, whether it’s submitting posts, or just to talk and support one another. So with that in mind, we have decided to open up a regular feature to celebrate those women we admire. First up is our very own Kerry…

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Not-so-mean girls

The other day, during a conversation about secondary schools with some school mums (believe me, once your child hits year five, that’s all you ever talk about) we got on to the differences between mixed and single-sex schools. “I don’t want my daughter to go to an all-girls school,” said one mum. “Because girls are so bitchy.” Everyone nodded in…

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Brotherly Love

Last week, I’m sure I was not alone in having tears in my eyes and a massive lump in my throat while watching the fabulous Brownlee brothers cross the line in the Triathalon World Series in Mexico. As Jonny neared collapse from the Herculean effort there was his brother, Alastair, charging toward the finishing line in third place. Thousands of…

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Is it just a number?

If you’d asked me on my thirtieth birthday how I felt about turning thirty, I’d have yawned. Because I was tired *looks at toddler and baby*, but if you asked me how I feel about the fact I’m going to be thirty-five next year, I’d have said “what?” because if I’m completely honest, every time somebody asks me my age…

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