Be kind to each other – now more than ever.

The morning after last year’s general election, I sat on the sofa with my son and cuddled him close. For the first time since he was born in 2007 I felt genuine fear about what his future would hold. And then Brexit happened. And once again it was his opportunities that had been limited. His options that were narrowed. Meanwhile,…

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US Election: Clinton v Trump or Woman v Man?

I’m feeling nervous. Today America votes for their new president and I’m walking around with a my stomach clenched with unease. It’s similar to the feeling I had on the day of the EU referendum; a feeling in my gut that things were about to change forever. The feeling that while the outcome should be obvious, we could very well…

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This poppy protest is an empty gesture

In case you’ve missed it, there is a hoo-hah about football players wearing poppies when England meet Scotland in a World Cup qualifier next Friday – which also happens to be Armistice Day. FIFA, football’s governing body, bans the wearing of political symbols – which it considers the poppy to be. The English and Scottish FAs have said they don’t…

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A bitter pill to swallow.

You may have seen in the press recently a certain amount of indignation after a round of trials for a male contraceptive jab were brought to an early close. The British trial consisted of 320 men and early indications were hopeful. Once the jab had started to become effective, the rate of pregnancies was 1.57 out of 100 compared with less…

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Feeling scared – and loving it!

The other night, I watched an episode of Stranger Things so scary that halfway through I put up the hood on my tatty old hoodie, pulled the zip up to my chin and watched the rest of the show through the tiny gap that was left. And it was brilliant. Because, you see, I love being scared. I love the…

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