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Breakfast yum!

Breakfast just got that little bit more delicious with this gorgeous and super simple breakfast recipe. Really couldn’t be easier, just toast some sourdough, or you could go all wholemeal and seeded if you like. Once it’s toasted to perfection, spread a thick, creamy layer of cream cheese, Philadelphia works for me. Then top it with sliced sweet juicy figs.…

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Ten books I’m taking on my holiday

My holiday reading list is very different from Aimee’s, not least in how I gather it together. During the year I commute – so I can’t carry heavy books – and I am a loyal supporter of my local library’s paperback section. I squirrel away other books all year “to read on holiday” and dig them all out when it’s…

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Back to work.

I am writing this on the back of getting a job (yippee!). It’s my first job in 10 years, since the birth of my son in late 2006. I used to work in recruitment. I really did enjoy it, though it was a high pressured job. But when I fell pregnant, we decided I would stay at home with the…

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The C word

It’s become a somewhat frequent word in this house, much to my husbands dismay. My Grandmother cannot stand it and I probably shouldn’t say it in front of my eldest. Not yet, anyway. But I just cannot help it. I’m too excited. You’re either a Christmas person or you’re not. That’s right, I just dropped the C-bomb. And don’t give…

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Lessons I’ve learned from the Olympics.

First, a disclaimer. Despite being rubbish at every sport I’ve ever tried, I love the Olympics. Once every four years, I become an expert in everything from modern pentathlon to kayaking, taking in synchronised swimming and handball on the way. So, perhaps it’s no surprise that I think the Olympics are not simply entertainment; I think the games are important…

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Working parent woes

Sometimes I’m relieved to hand the kids over to the childminder at the start of the day and get on the train with just my book for company. But other times it’s really hard being a working parent, and I’m never more aware of how tricky it can be than during the summer holidays. I have a love/hate relationship with…

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Five things I need to buy for my holiday.

It’s that time before the holiday that I should dread, but I secretly love. The time I start putting clothes in the suitcase to take on holiday and realise that stuff is a bit dogeared and faded. So with that in mind, I’m trawling the internet to find find essentials to revamp my holiday wardrobe. Ugg Amalia Leopard Flat Sandals.…

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