Wonder Women – Kerry Barrett

Since launching The Take we’ve been a little bit overwhelmed with the amount of amazing women who have got in touch, whether it’s submitting posts, or just to talk and support one another. So with that in mind, we have decided to open up a regular feature to celebrate those women we admire. First up is our very own Kerry…

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Not-so-mean girls

The other day, during a conversation about secondary schools with some school mums (believe me, once your child hits year five, that’s all you ever talk about) we got on to the differences between mixed and single-sex schools. “I don’t want my daughter to go to an all-girls school,” said one mum. “Because girls are so bitchy.” Everyone nodded in…

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Brotherly Love

Last week, I’m sure I was not alone in having tears in my eyes and a massive lump in my throat while watching the fabulous Brownlee brothers cross the line in the Triathalon World Series in Mexico. As Jonny neared collapse from the Herculean effort there was his brother, Alastair, charging toward the finishing line in third place. Thousands of…

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Is it just a number?

If you’d asked me on my thirtieth birthday how I felt about turning thirty, I’d have yawned. Because I was tired *looks at toddler and baby*, but if you asked me how I feel about the fact I’m going to be thirty-five next year, I’d have said “what?” because if I’m completely honest, every time somebody asks me my age…

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Autumn and Crumbles

With the official ‘launch’ of Autumn tomorrow (Autumn launches on 1st September in my house, even if it’s 27 degrees out) I thought I’d share a crumble recipe with you. Everybody knows how to make crumbles, they’re very simple but in case you don’t, here is a recipe for a (slapdash but tasty) cherry crumble. What you need: Some cherries…

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Book review: Mount! by Jilly Cooper

I always think editors are the unsung heroes of the book world. Their contribution to the best novels is invisible, quietly moulding the story into its best shape. In fact, it’s only when an editor doesn’t do his or her job that they become noticeable by their absence. Sometimes an author is too successful and it’s obvious their editors are…

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JOMO, Hygge, Danes and comfort.

When I was younger (hello old lady!) I was always desperate to be everywhere. I didn’t, no, scratch that, couldn’t, miss out on anything. Party invites? Always accepted. Meals out? Of course. Random group gatherings which would turn into full on party sessions, anything and everything. I didn’t want to miss a minute of fun. I was the classic FOMO…

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